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Flu, Sinus, Infections
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Cold and Flu for Kids, Anti-Bacterial
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Parasite Detox, Cravings, Pain, Bloated, Stomach Cramps, IBS
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Miracle Magnesium Oil 200 ml
Cardio Drops 50ml
Destress Capsules 60's
FREE Energy Water 200 ml
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Overall Detox, Protect the Brain,Ulcers, IBS, Inflammation of the Digestive tract.
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Relieves Congestion
Loosen Phlegm
Removes access mucous
Reduces Fever
Calms the body
Relaxes Muscles
Eases Spasms and Cramps
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candida detox large87
Candida albicans has a two-stage life cycle. It lives in the digestive tract and thrives in an acidic body with a weak immune system. Constipation is a breeding ground for the fungus, but diarrhoea can equally be a sign of Candida infection. It starts as sugar-fermenting yeast which causes serious health issues. It blocks vital nutrient absorption, while poisoning you with metabolic toxins.
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Angina, High Blood Pressure, Palpitations & Irregular Heartbeat
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