Slimming - reasons why you are not losing weight

Are you doing everything right – following a healthy diet, eating less and working out but you are still battling to lose weight?

More important than your actual weight is the percentage of fat in the body.  For healthy women, fat can account as much as 25 percent of the body weight to facilitate pregnancy and nursing whereas for men it is only 17 percent.  
Obesity – or even moderate overweight – puts extreme stress on the back, legs and internal organs.  Obesity increases the body’s resistance to insulin and susceptibility to infection and increases your risk to develop coronary artery disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure and strokes increasing your risk of premature death.  Obese persons suffer psychologically as well as physically due to our society measuring beauty, intelligence and even success with thinness.

There is always a combination of reasons why you do not lose weight, below are a few with the suggested products that you can use.  


The bacteria in our digestive systems may play a key role in weight management.   There is evidence that weight gain and the composition of your gut bacteria are tied.  If you have more friendly, you will lose weight much more effectively.  Flaxseed Oil helps the body produce its own natural probiotics.  Colon Activator Powder has a natural laxative effect and cannot harm or make your muscles lazy; in fact it contains magnesium to support proper muscle function and oxide which acts as a natural agent to help fight viruses, bad bacteria and funguses.


Candida cells are constantly reproducing and dying. Toxins from dying Candida cells are continuously being released into your bloodstream meaning your liver has to process these toxins and expel them from your body. If your liver becomes overloaded, then it has to store these chemicals somewhere else for processing later. Candida Capsules contains herbs that fight and kill of the fungus and also support the Liver to rid your body of theses toxins.  If it has been an issue for longer than 6 months we would also suggest the Liver Capsules along with the Candida Drops .  Your body stores this overload of toxins in fat cells, primarily around the hips, belly and thighs.  Candida needs sugar to grow and reproduce, therefore the more sugar and carbs you eat the more you crave. The Candida yeast is processing large amounts of sugar and decreasing your blood sugar levels, triggering signals from your brain that you need to eat more.  Miracle Magnesium Slimming can help stabilize your blood sugar naturally and reduce cravings for sugar and carbs.  Therefor it reduces further Candida overgrowth and reduces weight gain.  The toxins also triggers a response from your immune system causing stress on the adrenal glands raising cortisol levels, an emergency response which prompts your body to hold on to every last piece of fat that it can.  Energy Water contains 84 trace minerals which supports the adrenal glands due to fatigue where it be caused by Candida or everyday life stresses


Insulin resistance, which occurs when the body becomes resistant to the hormone insulin, occurs in skeletal muscle when the muscles are no longer able to produce glycogen, a form of stored carbohydrate, from food energy. In turn, insulin resistance in skeletal muscle promotes an increase in fats in the bloodstream, which leads to metabolic syndrome.  Insu-Resist Drops or if you are already diagnosed as diabetic Diabetes Drops contains natural herbs to help make the cells more sensitive to insulin and accept insulin as it is supposed to.  Energy Water will also help stabilize your blood sugar levels and contains 84 trace minerals which also aid sin weight loss.


If you eat food very rich in sodium or an overload of salt it can cause water retention.  You should increase your intake of water.  Energy Water mentioned above also helps reduce water retention and reduces cravings for salt as it contains the natural salts the body is looking for in normal table salt.  If you crave a lot of salt it might be due to stress which causes your glands to become overburdened – your adrenals need the natural occurring minerals present in salt, although today’s salt is full of chemicals and contains little to no minerals.  Pink Salt contains all 84 trace minerals which should be used in you food daily.  Kidney and Bladder Drops combined with the Liver Detox Capsules are also very effective in the treatment of Water Retention.


Miracle Magnesium Destress can help relieve stress and anxiety.  If you are an emotional eater this will definitely be of benefit to you.  Once you feel the urge to eat although you are not really hungry, but merely something happened in your day which you are struggling to deal with use the Energy Water.


Food intolerances or allergies can cause an upset of your intestinal bacteria which as discussed can cause you to gain weight.  Allergies can make you feel and look bloated and it prevents many nutrients and minerals from being absorbed which as we have learned many times before can affect your metabolism, thyroid, blood sugar and your organs.  Sulphur C is a natural compound found in onions which helps reduce food intolerances and contains Vit C.  Olive Leaf is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral agent which is also a powerful immune booster.  If you have a healthy immune system you can fight allergies much easier. Miracle Magnesium Anti-Allergy™ act as a natural antihistamine to fight allergies on a daily basis without the negative effect on your kidneys and liver


Exercise is always needed in order to burn calories.  You should try and walk around your block at least 3 times a week.  Not only will this help keep you somewhat fit, but the fresh air and breath of nature is also good for your health.  If you follow a more a more aggressive excersise program - use the Miracle Magnesium Sport Gel™ pre and post your routine in order to improve stamina, enhance performance and increase flexibility.  Miracle Magnesium Oil and Energy Water should be consumed on a daily basis as a supplement, however you can also mix it with your water bottle you use during your daily walk or exercise routine to prevent cramping and improve quality of your workout.


Your thyroid plays a vital role in the regulation of your hormones, metabolic rate and therefore your weight.  The thyroid needs certain minerals on a daily basis to insure proper functioning.  Miracle Magnesium Oil™ with Energy Water provides these minerals and therefore aid in weight loss.  In older ladies especially the thyroid can become certificated due certain medications or hormone therapies as well as many calcium supplements which are sometimes not “understood” by your body and stored in the soft tissue instead of the bones.  Miracle Magnesium™ contains organic calcium and magnesium which helps break down calcium deposits in the soft tissue thus enabling your thyroid to perform properly again.  Thyroid drops is a combination of organic herbs that support the thyroid and detoxes heavy metals.  Sulphur C would also be a great added benefit as it helps keep the arteries and veins elastic and strong and reduces Aluminium poisoning along with heavy metal poisoning.
There are also other factors such as eating too fast, not eating regular times, skipping meals and eating unhealthy or fatty foods.

For more information about this condition and the products that might assist , you can listen to the radio interview(s) with Marcelle below:

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